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Greetings from Boulder

January 29, 2009

Boulder air is so refreshing….  I arrived in Boulder, Colorado on monday night to visit my brother.  He attends the university of Colorado at Boulder.  I feel like I am breathing for the first time since the last time I was here.  Living in New Jersey has its advantages, but pollution is not one of them.  The scenery here is picturesque.  Snowcapped mountains is the perfect setting on a sunny day in late January.  What I love about this area is the drastic weather changes.  Yesterday I woke up and it was less than 30 degrees.  Three hours later it was sixty five.  

Fast forward three hours and it is back down to twenty.  Getting all four seasons within a week is very common out here.  I needed a change of pace from New Jersey for awhile.  After moving out of Baltimore, I have been living in New Jersey for the last ten weeks.  Living at home is very difficult at times.  Making the transition from college, to the real world, back to living under your parents roof for awhile is not easy.  However, the reason I have been living home is so I can build up a bankroll for Vegas this summer.  My plan is to move out in the middle of May, and play poker for the summer.  The faces on my friends parents, and my family friends have been priceless.  They all look at me like I belong in an insane asylum.  Isn’t it shocking that I am not working 9 to 5 like your son and the rest of the world mrs. smith?  Everybody could have their own opinions, but I see no fun in office work.  Why has our economy gone to shit?  The workforce is bored, tired, and has no sense of entitlement or motivation.  I spent three months in an office this summer, and after a week I thought that I was in hell.  I depict hell as sitting in a locked office with no windows.  There is no watch on my wrist, and not a clock in site.  Paperwork keeps piling up on my desk until the room overflows in white stacks.  This symbolizes the clutter that one has to deal with on a daily basis, or in my case, a summer in the office.  We are in a new generation.  My parents and grandparents generations had to put sixty to seventy hours in at the office in order to make ends meet.  In the technology era that we will be forever linked to, labor is lessened, and innovation, heightened.  Now more than ever, people are making a living over the internet.  One guy works one hour a day, and makes 10 million dollars a year off of google ad sense.  All it took was a little common sense, and viewing what was in front of him.  I am in the midst of trying to come up with a few website ideas.  I will never work in an office again.  Maybe I can win the lotto.  I am 22 years old and am at the point in my life where I have to figure out a plan.  This is hard because I am unwilling to work for the assembly line.  Everything will work out, one way or another.  I don’t know what is worse, being trapped in an office, literally, or being stuck in an office, figuratively.

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