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Facebook Pics

February 1, 2009

Can somebody please explain to me why people are obsessed with posting pictures of themselves on facebook.  Posting your status of what you are doing is an issue in itself, but taking pictures of every single action taken during the day?  This reminds me of a telecom class I had to take.  Our teacher made us do a project called the visualization story.  We had to take snapshots of every motion/action we took.  If you ever have a few minutes, glance at facebook, and you will notice pictures everywhere.  The “Me” generation seems to have turned into a pissing pot.  What sickens me is the fact that these pictures have no meaning to the people in them, except to one up another person.  Girls will take photos of themselves with certain guys just so they can make their friends jealous, and/or get revenge on them.  Guys love showing off being at certain destinations.  Sporting events, and traveling top the list.  Humans are curious by nature, and this is why pictures on facebook have become as prevalent as cell phones.

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  1. Michael permalink
    February 1, 2009 5:25 am

    WEll here is the thing, if you use facebook and it makes you happy, as long as you dont give away things about yourself that can be used against you, I believe that posting pictures can bring you closer with friends that you would not normally have any contact with

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