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February 1, 2009

On the eve of the Super Bowl, I would expect that when logging onto, I would see a picture of Larry Fitzgerald, or Ben Roethlisberger.  The faces of BJ Penn, and George St. Pierre, two of the biggest stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Tonight, they square off in UFC 94 under the Las Vegas lights.  Three years ago, most of the United States would think that UFC stood for United Food Championships.  Mixed Martial Arts is refreshing, as the past couple decades, combat sports such as boxing and wrestling are completely fixed, and/or filled with chaos.  What I love about watching two people fight is that there has to be a clear cut winner.  Brazilian jujitsu, wrestling, karate, and kickboxing, are a few of the arts that MMA fighters have mastered.  Tonight’s matchup is much anticipated, and has drawn a ton of media coverage.  George St. Pierre, and BJ Penn have fought once before, but that was back before both of their reputations and talent skyrocketed as UFC fighters.  GSP won that battle, but it under much scrutiny, and BJ Penn definitely has revenge on his mind.  What a weekend of sports, as we have the GSP vs. Penn match tonight, followed by the Nadal vs. Federer Australian Open final.  The cherry on top is Super Bowl XLIII, tomorrow night in Tampa.  Even though my beloved Giants are not defending their Vince Lombardi Trophy from last year, I am still intrigued by the Steelers vs Cardinals.  I believe that the Cardinals will win the game by a touchdown.  Enjoy being a couch potato for the next 24 hours.

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