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Greed, in a time of need

February 4, 2009

I have been an avid sports follower since I was four years old.  This includes college, professional, and even high school sports at times.  When I was a child, these athletes seemed deity like.  Their athleticism, and dominance in their respective sports, was enough to win the approval of an eight year old.  Reality hit me when I had my first job, working for my uncle, selling diamond blades. I was working forty hour weeks over the summers as a fifteen and sixteen year old.  One day, I turned on ESPN and learned that Alex Rodriguez signed a 10 year 252 million dollar deal with the Texas Rangers.  Don’t get me wrong, athletes deserved to be paid a lot of money.  They provide entertainment for the masses, and in bad times have proven to lift the spirits of many, through heroic acts through sport.  The Rodriguez contract was the beginning of the downward spiral in all of sports.   Once players across all professional sports caught wind of the deal that was A-Rod struck, they all began think that they deserved out of proportion contracts as well.  The past decade has been filled with greed on the parts of players, and agents.  We are in one of the worst economic times in the last century, and Manny Ramirez is turning down a one year 25 million dollar deal?  As much as I respect Ramirez as a hitter, I do not appreciate his everyday demeanor, and his obsession for the spotlight and greed.  Take that one year deal and donate half of that money to families who are under the poverty line.  Manny Ramirez is set for life times 100, and the fact that 25 million dollars doesn’t freshen up his palette means that its time for every baseball team to shut down negotiations with the evil agent, Scott Boras.  Boras is at the top of the chain of agents for the high profile athletes, especially in baseball.  Alex Rodriguez was his client up until last year, when Boras got too greedy for his own good, and Arod fired him.  Scott Boras, its time to realize that we might be heading for the next Great Depression.  Tell Manny Ramirez to sign the dotted line with the Dodgers.

Now I know why college sports are so appealing.  College athletes don’t get paid, so the only greed that exists is that in winning.  Players are hungry for championships, and it ends there.  Sure, college athletes get in their fair share of trouble, but that can be said for all athletes.  March Madness is my favorite time of year because it symbolizes what sports are all about.  A culturally diverse group of athletes all fighting for their teammates, and to be the last team standing.  Professional athletes should look back on their college days, and go back to the “us” instead of “I” days.

By Mikeyrolls

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