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I Made It!

February 4, 2009

Thank you Rolls for making me an author on your soon to be prestigious blog of all blogs. This is my first time posting anything ever on a blog so please be gentle. I hope everyone had a good super bowl cause I know I had a great one. I visited my alma matter, Monmouth University, and partied with about 60 people and had a lot of food and even more beers.

I used to not give a shit about Michael Phelps, but now that he rips bongs, he has somehow found a place in my former pot head heart. Imagine the hit this guy could take with that set of gills he’s got? I mean the guy can out swim and out breathe anyone in the world, he can probably hold in a lot of smoke. Mad props for being a 23 year old and enjoying yourself. Its terrible luck that some asshole snapped a pic of you in the act though.

I just wanted to touch on what rolls was posting and make my first post a bit of a follow up

-Joe Pep-

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