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skaters beware!

February 4, 2009

I was enjoying an afternoon stroll through the gorgeous Boulder campus earlier today.  The sun was beaming down on me, and for the first time in four months, I was able to walk around without a sweatshirt on.  My brother has a dog now named Miles.  He is a puppy, and obviously has a lot of energy.  My great mood quickly did a 180 as I heard the sound of rolling wheels coming closer and closer to me.  A skateboarder narrowly missed turning me into minced meat.  Why can’t those morons stick to skate parks, and sidewalks that aren’t heavily populated.  I can’t tell whether these skaters are trying to make a statement, or just being a nuisance, but it is time to move elsewhere.  Going to Indiana University, skateboarders were as common as good pizza.  Obviously, Boulder is a different culture, and saying this, I have nothing against the act of skateboarding.   Just avoid possible chaos, by thinking before acting, and staying clear of pedestrians.  My dad’s good friend got hit by a rollerblader in central park a few years ago.  The guy ended up taking off, when he realized the damage he had caused.  Can you believe a hit and run with a rollerblader and a guy just walking around?  Imagine waking up one day, and walking on the sidewalk and getting run into by a guy coming full speed on a skateboard?  This is not something that anybody should have to worry about in their everyday life.   The double whammy is the guy that has his ipod on while skateboarding.  How is he supposed to take in his surroundings if hearing is taken out of the question?  Next time you decide to skateboard to class, where a helmet, and know your atmosphere at all times.  Next time I will pull a Big Daddy and leave a branch in the middle of the sidewalk.  Maybe that’s what it will take for these morons to wise up.

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