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Ticketmaster + Live Nation = Monopoly

February 5, 2009


As if it weren’t hard enough to get concert tickets at “face value,” the biggest concert promoter in the world, Live Nation, is now in talks with merging with the biggest ticket provider in the world, Ticketmaster.    They would be worth and estimated $700 million and should be left as the only player in the game of concert going.  Although they two companies had a contract together, merging the two will raise many eyebrows and prices for fans.

Nothing beats going to live shows, but recently whenever I try to buy tickets the second they are released on ticketmaster, they are some how sold out.


When Dave Matthews Band tickets went on sale a few weeks ago I was refreshing my browser  as the clock struck 10am and somehow 4 seconds later there was not a pair of tickets to be had.  I believe this is due to the fact that ticketmaster has been in bed with the stub hubs and the ticketcitys so that they can jack up the prices.  Ticketmaster even has there own “Ticket Market Place” on their website that re-sells already sold out tickets from “fans who already purchased them.”  Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s obviously ticketmaster selling their tickets for the first time as if they were someone else making a bigger profit.  It’s as if they are laughing right in your face as you buy them at nearly 5 times the face value. Not to mention their convience fees, and charges that make no sense.

Even if you collect $200 from GO, You still wont afford the show

Even if you collect $200 from GO, You still won't afford the show


But still, people will pay for it.  I watched an auction on eBay for a pair of tickets at Madison Square Garden for “The Killers” jump from a reasonable $140 to $460 in the final minute of the auction.  

Insane? Yes.  Brilliant? Of Course.

As a fan of music and a concert lover I want to give ticketmaster the biggest fuck you imaginable.  If ticketmaster was a person I would water-board him/her.  They do the devils work and put fans through hell and back to get tickets for the bands and artists they love to hear.   But from a business standpoint, in this economy, it is a brilliant move.  No one will be able to touch them, especially with artists like Jay-Z, Madonna, The Eagles, and Miley Cyrus on the LiveNation label. I truly hope that this does not get approved by congress but if it does, expect to to see soaring ticket prices from the only game in town because unlike the board game of Monopoly, parking at most popular concert venues ain’t free.

-Joe Pep-

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