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In Regards to Jessica Simpson

February 6, 2009

I recently read a report out of the New York Post, lampooning upon the sudden weight gain of a one Jessica Simpson. To those of you who don’t know me too well (and to those of you who do but don’t really “get it”) In no way do I throw my hat into the ring of trivial gossip. I do not condone the excessive worship of movie stars, musical artists, or “celebs” as most of the shallow people in our general public have habitually taken part in, year in and year out. However, this time I dare to make an exception to the rule as I feel the need to do so, for this news has struck a nerve with me…

This is a society that preaches “tolerance” and the equality of the “disadvantaged” people. This is a society that preaches the creed of “sensitivity” and “political correctness”. Yet when a prominent sex symbol such as Jessica Simpson, undergoes a significant amount of weight gain, this society that has championed the causes of liberalism, that has championed the cause of the accepting people for their “life choices”, does an about face, changes it’s song of acceptance and tolerance…and ridicules the same sex symbol they once fell head over heals for. Thenceforth the ultimate question here is not so much the extra stomach flab that ms Simpson is showing now a days, but the hypocrisy of this hollow, judgmental, appearance obsessed, society.

For years the mainstream has cried…Save Darfur, the poor, the homosexuals, the oppressed, the depressed , the stressed, the hungry, the diseased, the sails, the whales, and the environment…so that those who may succeed us in future generations will not have to answer to such questions we have placed in front of us today. Hey, while your at it, why not show any sympathy to the heavier people , or the smokers, or the uglier people, or the shorter people, or the un-fashionable of this world? Or do they not count? For a change (this is a bad economy so I am giving advice to you all here) Stop investing all your damn money into gossip magazines, or keeping up with the latest clothing trends, or keeping up with the latest cultural trends…and start investing in thinking for yourself, being more carefree, and being a little less judgmental… Jessica Simpson embraced this concept why can’t the rest of this society do the same?v

Not everyone was born to be tall, or thin, or looking perfect…FUCKING DEAL WITH IT!!! We keep preaching the same old, tired, sorry ass song of social equality and justice…yet we keep turning a blind eye to the same people and fictional concepts we use for laughing at. Most of the time television can’t make fun of someone for their skin color or their religious or their sexual preference..But we can use fictional portrayals such as George Constanza from Sienfeld, or Lord Farquad from Shrek, or Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Verne Troyer who portrays “mini me” in Austin Powers, plug in Gary Coleman into what ever ridiculous role Hollywood can plug him into, all so we as a society can make fun of short people, and so we can feel better about ourselves since we didn’t rip on race or religion or sexual orientation correct? That is perfectly acceptable! We can laugh at Sally Struthers when she gets fat, we can laugh at William Hung for being a retard, and now we can laugh at Jessica Simpson. It even goes beyond the media really… In every day lives there is constant judgment on short people, and heavy people, and other socially undesirables because they don’t fit in with a society that is obsessed with “image”. Short and fat people are less likely to get hired into a big job, less likely to get married, less likely to live “normal lives” and more likely to be the punch line of various jokes… Better yet, allow me to provide a litmus test of sorts for you all. (Barring those with extensive knowledge in politics) Would people vote for a fat, short, or less than average looking, person to be President of the United States? Over a person considered “tall”, “dark”, or “handsome” as proclaimed by mainstream society? If you say yes then you might suffer from the case of being a buffoon! The point I am trying to make here is, those who say they are against “discrimination” to this very day participate in discrimination themselves.

I have never embraced political correctness…I am the most offensive person you may ever come across (maybe next to late great George Carlin). I say Fuck the environment, Fuck Darfur, Fuck the snails, Fuck the whales, Fuck the fags, Fuck the heebs, Fuck the moulians, Fuck the gooks, and Fuck whitey…Most of all, Fuck whatever politically correct or progressive cause or gimmick your going to throw at me because I am not falling for it. I am politically INcorrect and damn proud of it! I do not say this out of malice towards anyone..I have black friends, and Jewish friends, and Gay friends, and Asian friends. I am saying all this to prove a point. Political Incorrectness unlike progressiveness, political correctness, and most liberal thought is not a one way street, it’s a two way street and is open to no rigidness or standards or HYPOCRISY!. I would like to take a moment out and thank Jessica Simpson, for she, little to her awareness of this situation, has exposed what I have been saying for the longest of times! This so called “progressive” or “tolerant” society is not tolerant nor progressive in the least bit! Just because we put a half-black man into our nations highest public office, DOES NOT GIVE MAINSTREAM AMERICA THE RIGHT TO CALL IT’S SELF PROGRESSIVE OR TOLERANT! If we were so progressive or tolerant, there would be no such judgments made upon a person’s style, appearance, height, weight, educational level, or social status. But hey what the fuck do I know?? I am just a “bigoted” republican saying this you tolerant, open minded, and progressive fine people here. In closing the only thing I have left to say is, Jessica Simpson….I salute you! Be fat and be proud! Show the people in this world we still have a long way to go, before we can really achieve any sort of “progress”

This is Mike Pellagatti

Thanks for Reading.

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