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February 7, 2009













Is it just me or am I the only one who is tired of all this “public crucifying” the Main Stream Media and the Government does to professional athletes? We live in a frightening new world. We live in a world where brainwashed Muslims want to take a knife and slit our throats, then let our blood water their plants, just so they can screw 75 virgins up in “their heaven”. A world where you can wind up losing your job then killing yourself and the rest of your family because you are afraid to go on with the rest of a jobless society, out of work and in soup lines. A world where every moment you have, good and sometimes down right ugly can be captured on a lens and alienate whatever privacy you once had. With all the crazy things that go on in this world, there are a number of people who live for nothing other than to make the lives of two former professional athletes VERY MISERABLE. In my overall consensus these individuals in congress need to be taken to the woodshed, and never seen or be heard from again (with the various exception of hearing buzz saw cutting and scraping through bone fragments)

Our society, a society that praises “know nothing whores” like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan, and Miley Cyrus (yes even she at 15 years of age is not spared from my wrath) A society that applauds such patronizes such honorable ,men like Tookie Williams, Tupac, Biggie, Bob Marley, Alec Baldwin, and Stephen Glover from Jackass… Can turn around and contribute their tax dollars in dedication of the public crucifixion of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds on the grounds that they injected steroids into their bodies and “tainting” professional sports. This hypocrisy is unwarranted and must be questioned with intense scrutiny…

Sports, Professional Sports is not an entity purely based upon the love of the game. Rather Professional Sports is based upon business and finance. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were extremely successful businessmen. Bonds has the all time Home Run Record 762 Home Runs, is a 7 time gold glove winner, 7 time NL MVP, and has been selected to the All Star Game 14 times. Roger Clemens, has over 350 Career Victories, he was selected to play in the all star game 11 times, has 2 world series rings, has won the Cy Young 7 times, was MVP in 1986, has had 20 strikeout game, and has a lifetime ERA of 3.12. Both Bonds and Clemens both helped promote the 3rd Golden Age of baseball, sold millions and millions worth of merchandise, and put fans into their seats. They never sold crack, never committed genocide, never launched nuclear bombs, never ate babies, never raped children, who never did anything that was wrong except for lying under oath in regards to themselves taking steroids so they could remain competitive as they advanced in age. The cover up as always is worse than the crime. Over the course of the years these two men have lived fairly private lives. They did not ask for tons of publicity, did not ask to be the face of charity, they just wanted to play ball, make their money and go home like the rest of us do. However because of one person, who opened up his mouth (his last name rhymes with CANSECO) due to the fact of his jealousy for his peers success and legacy…he had to ruin the legacy of two of baseballs greatest players ever with or without steroids.

The involvement of the United States Federal Government in this business of steroid investigation is beyond all logical reasoning. The politicians come out and say the game of baseball “pure again”. Despite the tax dodgers, frauds, embezzlers, adulterers, in criminals in such a “prestigious” institution, the United States Federal government is filled with moral minded and law abiding leaders correct? Such a morally upstanding organization has the proper credentials of bringing “purity” back to a tainted game, one can be sure of that! Why not stop there? Why not put on trial the actresses in Hollywood guilty of tainting natural beauty by undergoing plastic surgery and having breast implants? Why not put on trial musicians guilty of having their voice and music polished by synthesizers and computers who are about to release a new album to the public? Such perfect sound is unnatural. Why not sentence all the news paper journalists and editors who use spell checkers to perfect their work? Certainly no one person can spell every word correctly all the time! If everyone else can get a free pass why cant Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds get that same free pass?

If there is indeed a right to choose, as most women boldly proclaim that there exists such a right, then why can’t we apply the same argument to Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds? What right does the Federal Government have to legislate what goes in or out of an individuals body? Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens exercised their right to choose, to inject steroids into their bodies, so they can remain competitive as they get older. There is a double standard here. If the “right to choose” can be granted to women why cant that same right be granted to men? Why must our society appraise a woman considered “brave” enough to a kill a living human embryo, while we can turn our heads and punish certain men brave enough to risk their own health and well being to further their own careers? It’s time to slam the door on the double standards or have the same standard implemented on everyone all across the board.

As an individual I do not recommend the use of steroids or drugs. A lifestyle like that is no life to lead or live by. However if we as a collective society have the nerve to glorify mindless acts of sex, violence, and drug use as displayed in “Art” and in Media…What gives us the same right to punish someone who takes steroids yet does not damage the liberty of others? (Well save Mike Piazza) As a fan of sports, I want to see records broken. I want to see 100 HRs, 1000 RBIs, 0.000 ERA, 75 TD passes, 60 Sacks, 200 goals and 400 assists all within a single season of each respective sport. If men wish to cement their legacies in monumental statistics in professional sports at the expense of their health and well being…Then the should have EVERY right to do so so long as no one’s liberty is endangered.

The intense scrutiny placed upon this steroid business by the government/media complex is uncalled for, unwarranted, and highly unacceptable. Instead of developing a cure for cancer or AIDS, reducing our debts, creating cost effective defense spending to combat Islamic terrorism, we spend our time spending our taxes on federal indictments of two former baseball legends, who have demanded nothing but privacy since the conclusion of their playing days. We spend our time and energy trying to nail their hands and feet to a cross dedicated in the name of anti-corruption. We should be doing this to our congressional leaders and to various media personalities who continue to fail us year in and year out! Leave Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds be! Let the MLB deal with them and their “antics”. Make no further judgments upon them. They are not role models, they are regular people with exceptional athletic abilities who are just as flawed as the person next to them. Until they turn into Hitler or Barney the Dinosaur…let them be.

This is Michael Pellagatti

Thanks for Reading

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