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February 9, 2009



The standard button down shirt is getting old. Don’t get me wrong it’s a classic and will never be out of style but just throwing on the first one you see hanging in your closet does not cut it. Not only is it boring and overplayed but it shows no effort or style.


If you choose to wear one of these button downs try to buy one that has a little versatility. For example, a contrasting collar or cuff.

button down

Also, epaulets (shoulder adornments) are very “in” as can be seen below.


Another option that you fashion forward men can consider is wearing your button down with a cardigan or vest. I know this may come off as old-fashioned, grandpa-esque, or even slightly homo-like BUT trust me, if you have the right physique (fit) try it!…I guarantee it you will be noticed and appreciated. thomas-pink-spring-summer-2009-07

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  1. Michael Brown permalink
    February 9, 2009 7:49 am

    So, I must disagree with you, the standard button down is getting old ? In terms of what ? There are still many functions that require the traditional look. I think its a must that the shirt is pressed and you are ok, I definitely like the patterned cuff for going out, but its nice to take it in for a more business look… That look that you recommended may be kinda cool on the right person now, but generally thats hard to pull of and to pull it off you need to be the effeminate type, I still believe most men are more suited to a button down, But for going out its essential to throw in some flare..

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