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To Trade or Not To Trade…

February 19, 2009


As the countdown to Thursday’s NBA Trading Deadline approaches its final hours, Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks have a huge dilemma on their hands. What do the Knicks do with 2009 Slam Dunk Champ Nate Robinson? All signs are pointing to Walsh trying to re-sign David Lee this offseason, as Lee is having a career year and is proving to be a key building block to the future of the Knicks.

However, with the Knicks primary focus on freeing up cap space  for the summer of 2010, can the Knicks afford to re-sign both Lee and Robinson without sacrificing their future cap situation? The answer is no. As entertaining as Nate Robinson’s game can be, his play is equally as maddening. As Mike D’Antoni says, “The best part about Nate is that he can create his own shot…The worst thing about Nate is that he can create his own shot.”

Donnie Walsh has made it known that his goal is to add a superstar wing player (LeBron James) and a superstar big (Chris Bosh) in the prized summer of 2010. By studying the state of the Knicks salary cap situation, it shows that there is no way to retain both Nate and Lee and still have a chance at LeBron and his teammate of choice unless the Knicks can somehow unload Jared Jeffries and/or Eddy Curry. For that to happen, it would be a miracle. Do you go with the mindset of having to young players in place like Nate and Lee to entice LeBron to come to the Big Apple? Or do you go the route of trying to lure LeBron with the bright lights of Manhattan and by telling him to go out and pick the sidekick of his choice.

My question to you is…Do you risk keeping Nate Robinson for the rest of the season and for the playoff push and risk losing him for nothing in the off-season ? Or do you try to utilize his value and try to package him with Jared Jeffries contract? This is a big issue Donnie Walsh must face head on. My guess is that Nate stays. I trust Donnie to make the right decision.

-Brett F.

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