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February 20, 2009

As much as I detest Alex Rodriguez, it is time for the media to quit while baseball has something to salvage.  Why does it matter if he only took steroids between 2001-2003.  He already has lied, he already has cheated, and there is no point in continuing to pursue the past.  This era is tainted, and will always be known as the “Steroid Era”.  I feel terribly for players such as Derek Jeter, and Roy Oswalt, who did it the right way.  Players take steroids to make the big bucks.  Money is made by entertaining the fans.  Last time I checked, professional athletes are entertainers.  Business has taken over sport throughout the professional leagues.  When I go to a cinema and watch a movie, the goal of the entire evening is entertainment.  Times have changed, and its time for Bud Selig to hand over the reigns to Theo Epstein.  I hate the Red Sox, but the changing of the guards is a must, especially in the MLB.  At the end of the day, let the entertainers decide what they want to do, its there show!


By Mikeyrolls

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