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Facebook at its finest

February 25, 2009

I am currently visiting my buddy at the University of Arizona.  While relaxing out by the pool and shooting the shit, my buddy’s friend came by and began going off about his ex girlfriend.  The first words that came out of his mouth were, “did you see what she put as her facebook status”?  I began to crack up, and it had nothing to do with his situation.  Facebook wars are common between guys and girls these days.  I love the whole, in a relationship with… I mean come on people!  Why does the human race care so much about the perception of people outside of their close knit of friends.  The ironic thing is, most of the time, facebook is used to stir up others emotions.  Facebook is the root of all evil in today’s society.  Not only does it highlight gossip, but it encourages it.  Pictures are more prominent than letters throughout facebook these days.  I guess Facebook is really living up to its names.  There have been numerous situations, such as the one I mentioned before, that provoke jealousy and/or envy.  Stirring up human emotions can never lead to anything positive.

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