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March Madness is right around the corner

February 25, 2009

College basketball has become my favorite sport to watch, besides the NFL of course.  March Madness is by far the best tournament sports.  65 college basketball teams throughout the country, fighting for the ever so coveted final four.  After watching Providence take down #1 Pittsburgh tonight, it made me realize that March Madness is right around the corner.  The excitement is starting to build, and the butterflies are beginning to fly throughout my stomach.  The clean bracket that I will fill out at least a dozen times before submitting it in my respective pools. There is nothing better than sitting at a sportsbook in Las Vegas with 25 different televisions showing 25 different NCAA games simultaneously.  Last year I won two pools after the last second Mario Chalmers three pointer against Memphis in the finals.  The only time I was more pumped after a sporting event was after the Giants dethroned the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl 42.  America loves an underdog, and upsets are never more prevalent than in the Big Dance.   How great was that George Mason magical run to the final four a few years ago?  March Madness reminds me why I have such a passion for sports.  I am looking forward to sitting in a Las Vegas sportsbook in less than a month as I watch young athletes hopes and dreams lie on a single free throw, or a last second 3 pointer.   BRING IT ON!

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