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Snyder, give up already

February 28, 2009

Dan Snyder is the worst owner in professional sports.  I would give Donald Sterling the nod (owner of the Los Angeles Clippers), but last night made me realize that Snyder wins that race in a landslide.  Since when is a defensive tackle worth 100 million dollars?  41 million guaranteed?  Albert Haynesworth is a great interior defensive lineman.  He is coming off of the best season of his career, which happened to be his contract year.  When I heard that the Redskins lured in the big boy, my immediate thought was that Snyder screwed up again. Does Deion Sanders, or Adam Archuleta ring a bell?  With Snyder’s luck, Haynesworth will break his leg during week 5, and never be the same player again.  The only way that Haynesworth lives up to the $100 million contract is by the Redskins winning the super bowl.  This is a tough task, considering the division that the Redskins play in, the NFC east.  The Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles make it nearly impossible for the Redskins to reach the playoffs every season.  Big Albert will help, but is Jason Campbell capable of leading Skins nation to their first super bowl victory in 17 years?  Time will tell, but Synder’s wallet does not lead to Super Bowl rings.  The owner has the Steinbrenner like approach, without the success.  The skins will finish 9-7 next season, and miss out on another great opportunity.  Snyder, I give you an A for effort, but an F- in intelligence.  Wake up, and smell the coffee.


By Mikeyrolls

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