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Diesel has fuel left in the tank

March 2, 2009

After Shaquille O’neal put up 45 points the other night on the Toronto Raptors, I was convinced that it was one of those one time wonder, rewind the clock seven years kind of things.  Today made me realize that Shaq is not on empty yet.  Posting 33 points against the NBA best, LA Lakers, was an impressive feat to say the least.  Whether it was the motivation of playing against Kobe and Phil, or maybe spring came early for the big fella, regardless, nearing his 37th birthday, Shaq has proven that he can still play, and be a valuable component to a team needing the hardware.  Just two years ago, the Miami Heat won the NBA championship.  Nobody is doubting that Dwayne Wade carried the team on his shoulders, but without Shaq, Wade would have no ring.  Kobe, and Phil are ringless without Shaq, and this is no coincidence.  Maybe Lebron and the Cavs should consider going after Mr. O’neal next year for one last shot.  There might be just enough left in the diesel to help Lebron churn out a championship.  Success in sports is marked by milestones, and championships.  Shaquille O’neal is on my top 1o Most Valuable Players of all time.

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