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Generation Y, it is time to shine

March 3, 2009

As I watched the Dow Jones fall below 7000 points for the first time in almost 12 years, you would think I would be alarmed?  This is the best thing that could be happening to not only me, but my entire generation.  Our economy has gone through such turmoil because it is time for old school ways in business to be thrown out the door.  Times have changed, and this is apparent as the stock market becomes more bearish by the second.  At some point the real estate market is going to have to bottom out.  In Scottsdale, Arizona there are foreclosed houses selling for under $30,000.  Times are indeed looking bleak, but it is time to get innovative.  The office culture has to be alleviated within the next few years.  Thanks to the advancement in technology, Generation Y is in the middle of a transformation phenomenon.  Working in offices should become as rare as interpersonal communication, as the y generation has been the first to grow up with the internet.  To be innovative in the new era approaching, we must adapt as a culture to the new times.  Much work can be done from home computers, and/or on a nationwide and possibly worldwide scale.  

        Technology has led to what I like to call, the pill epidemic.  Way too many teenagers are on some kind of ritalin and/or anti-depressant.  Whether it regards a twelve year old kid named Jason who can’t sit still in Algebra class, or a fourteen year old teenage girl named Amanda with self confidence issues, we are in a boatload of conflicts.  There is much concern over how our generation will aid in making society prosper once again.  There seems to be a level of complacency that exists throughout many adolescents.  Obesity, depression, and lack of imagination is because of the catalyst, technology.  Television, and internet takes up most kids days.  At school they are all on laptops all day long.  Thus, isolation seems to be encouraged, yet at the same time there is a lack of personal touch, and need to be attentive.  Playing cops and robbers, and capture the flag are a thing of the past.  The days of playing outdoors for hours on end are shortened.  Tossing the pigskin around will never stop, but the way we know it will.  Over the next few years, it will be fascinating to witness how people will interact, and how often interpersonal communication will take place.  We must not be permitted to get trapped in a robotic way of life.  Continuing to have personal relationships through face to face greets, and phone calls are essential to our survival.  

     The Y generation will set its own standard in the world as we will know it.  Ironically, our generation has gone through less stress than prior generations.  This is in terms of the amount of physical labor that is asked of us, and the stress levels that world crisis has led to in the past.  Technology has eliminated many physically intensive jobs, and has allowed us to focus on efficiency through technology.  The internet has given us such luxuries.  On the stress end of the spectrum,  9/11 was by far the most significant and tragic event that generation Y has had to endure.  This led to terrorism being a realistic threat in our daily lives for awhile.  The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has dragged on longer than hoped, and people want to avoid comparing it to the Vietnam War.  There are nowhere near as many deaths in this war, and at least we have done some good in killing a terrible man, in Saddam Hussein.  Anthrax was a blip on the radar screen, and besides a few bumps on the road such as a steroid scandal here and there in sports, generation Y has it pretty easy going.  There are always going to be natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, but at times like this, it portrays that humans do step up for each other in dire situations.  Timing is everything in life, and for young adults and adolescents, the best time to have nothing to lose is when 1929 is happening all over again.  Seize the day, generation-Y, not all is bad.


By Mikeyrolls

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