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Is Terrell Owens a hall of famer?

March 5, 2009

I was browsing through, and all of a sudden a headline popped up, Terrell Owens had been cut by the Dallas Cowboys.  Being a diehard Giants fan, this is music to my ears.   TO has been a great receiver throughout his career, in terms of his stats.  What kind of teammate is he?  Why don’t you ask Mr. Mcnabb, Jeff Garcia, or Tony Romo?  San Francisco was the first stop on the Owens train, and it ended in turmoil with coach Mariucci, and quarterback Jeff Garcia.  Owens made remarks about Garcia’s sexuality, and Mariucci’s too laid back demeanor.  Then it was on to Philadelphia where we got to witness TO get in McNabb’s face and bicker about not getting the ball enough.  After the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX, Owens blamed the loss on Mcnabb being too fatigued down the stretch.  One thing I give Owens credit for is that he did play with a broken bone in his leg during that Super Bowl, and put on a helluva show.  Would Jerry Jones be able to change the ego maniac?  Terrell Owens came to Dallas three years ago, and three years and 0 playoff wins later, the Cowboys have parted ways with the former star.  Yes I said former… TO has had a great run over the past decade, but his reign as one of the top receivers in football has come to an abrupt halt.  Is he hall of fame worthy?  If players are enshrined in Canton based on solely stats, than he is a shoe in. 951 total receptions, 14,122 yards receiving, and 139 Touchdowns.   Lets compare his numbers to hall of famer, Michael Irvin.  Irvin had 750 receptions, 11,904 yards receiving, and 65 touchdowns.  Based on this comparison, there is no doubt that Owens will be voted into the NFL hall of fame.  The major problem with Owens resume is the fact that he has never won a super bowl, and that he has been a cancer in every locker room that he has been a part of.  San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas, have all had similar endings with TO, and they haven’t ended with his team going to disney world.  Two years ago, you could solely put the Cowboys not making the Super Bowl on the Owens saga that went on throughout weeks leading up to games.  He is all about “me”, and there is no “me” in team.  This might be the most overused phrase in sports, but the proof is in the pudding.  Look at championship teams, and they all have the same motto, “win as a team”.  

          Getting into the NFL Hall of Fame has gotten a lot more difficult recently.  Lawrence Taylor had a lot of off the field issues, but he got into the hall of fame.  However, LT was a great teammate, and also won two super bowls.  Ironically, TO has never gotten into any trouble with the law.  Will his statistics be enough for an enshrinement in Canton?  If Mr. Owens does get elected into the hall of fame, who will be reading his induction speech?

By Mikeyrolls

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