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The Bills have nothing to lose

March 8, 2009

Ralph Wilson made an intelligent move, when he signed Terrell Owens to a one year, 6.5 million dollar deal, earlier today.  Quite frankly, the 90 year old has nothing to lose, and no time to waste.  Trent Edwards will definitely be happy seeing Terrell Owens line up next to Lee Evans next season.  Although, Owens is 35, last year he did have 10 receiving touchdowns, and over 1,000 yards receiving.  He will be a great compliment to the speedy Evans, and with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, if Edwards could have a somewhat decent season, the Bills could make some noise in the AFC east.  A tough task is at hand, as the AFC east will be a lot more difficult to deal with since Tom Brady will be back for the Pats.  Combine this with the Jets offseason moves on defense, as well as the dolphins surprise rise last year, and the Bills are going to clawing their way to a possible playoff birth.  On the negative side of the spectrum, what if Edwards is incapable of making Terrell Owens happy?  This could happen if TO gets off to a slow start, and the Bills rake up a couple losses in a row.  Last year Buffalo got off to a 5-1 start, only to watch the season slip away in the latter half of the season.  

         Unfortunately, it is hard for me to believe that there will be a fairy tale ending in Buffalo next season.  Most likely, TO will be a one and done on the Bills, as he will probably have 7 or 8 touchdowns, and Buffalo will finish 8-8.  From there, the TO train will continue, and Rosenhaus will scheme his way to another one year contract.  I wish Terrell Owens the best of luck in the AFC east.  I tried thinking of a Jerome Bettis or Michael Strahan like ending, for a fantastic football career, but Buffalo is not the place where that is going to happen.  However, if TO is somehow able to change his egotistical demeanor, maybe he could prove to be a leader for the young Bills squad.  Terrell Owens has always cared about how others perceive him, and showing the world that he could mature at 35 years old, would work wonders on his legacy. 


By Mikeyrolls

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