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Trail Obama part 1

March 9, 2009

BEHIND THE SCENES AT TRAILOBAMA.COM has decided to write a monthly article for Mikey Rolles, founder of and Author of the popular blog – In this article, I want to talk a little bit about what goes on when you start a company at the age of 22. I also want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Starting your own company is a task that several people dream of, but only few have the drive to actually turn an idea into fruition. Some creative souls get bashed by their friends who laugh and scold at their every idea, and some question if it is going to actually work. Well, that “some” is me. At 22 years old, when I told my friends I was involved in starting a new business, the quiet whispers started spreading – “There is no way that can make money.” “You’re 22 year old, you can’t run a business! What do you know.” “They have to have something close to that idea already.” In the past this has happened to me and I backed down against pursuing my dream because I listened to a few pessimistic others. But this time, there was something different brewing. I not only wanted to prove everyone who thought it wouldn’t happen wrong; I wanted to take matters into my own hands and live my dream. Unemployed in the worst financial crisis since the great depression, I ask myself one simple question: Why not??? I have nothing to close. My motto is that the worst that happens is you possibly get a no, so I wanted see what can happen if we created a site to follow the most fascinating, popular person globally. Welcome to everyone. We are all very excited. I wanted to post on your blog because you are one of those people who actually make it happen, to run significant money making venture that quickly gained popularity at one of the country’s largest universities. I think it would be interesting to talk about our experiences running our own business in college and as recent grads. Before I begin, I was checking out Pete Margolis’s blog, and he mentioned one specific author that has changed my perceptions on a lot of things – Malcolm Gladwell, author of the Tipping Point and Outliers. Also, be sure to check out the book Made To Stick, which discusses why some ideas live and others die, by Chip and Dan Heath. Since mid-January I have embarked on a journey unlike any Greek tragic hero has been through before -A four to eight year voyage following the most fascinating, popular person globally – U.S. President Barack Obama. A vital message that the President has been trying to spread throughout our country since way back on the campaign trail is that of bipartisanship – Republicans and Democrats – Red and Blue states coming together across the aisle to achieve a common goal. One of the interesting things of TrailObama is we are a team comprised of both Democrats and Republicans, so the news that we hand pick to be written about and displayed on our site is unbiased in a fair attempt for the public to decide if the President is doing a good job. Starting the website took countless hours of trial and error – which categories are most important and popular regarding the news(economy, health care, foreign affairs, etc), what types of information would people be interested in reading about – his daily schedule, approval ratings. We had countless debates regarding all of the tiny issues you would think nothing about – the polls, the formatting of every article, the importance of consistency in a brand. How in the world are we going to start a company and make money without having any money to begin with? Well, I think my pitch makes for a very newsworthy story – A young college grad, losing his job in this disastrous economy, starting a website to help live his dream and make ends meet. 14 days after launching we have been featured on, CNBC,, Wall Street Journal Search,, and we are going to be featured in three college newspapers on Monday and Tuesday of this week – The Green Lantern(Ohio State newspaper), IDS(Indiana Daily Student), and Northeastern University. Regardless of what happens, this has been a great learning experience so far, but we are looking forward to a month of excitement and growth for Stay tuned.


Bryan Bloom

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