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Newspapers no more

March 11, 2009

The newspaper is on its way out, and most people won’t skip a beat.  A century ago, newspapers were considered the main venue for communication throughout society.  Print medium has evolved with technology, and newspapers are becoming dead weight.  Paper boys biking their routes back in the 1960s will turn into a story for us to tell our children and grandchildren.  The Y generation has been the experienced the transition between interpersonal communication, and advancement in technology.  Everything has gone digital, and as much as I love reading the new york times, it can be found online.  Why waste paper, and cut down unneeded trees?  Clear up the mess, and get rid of a past time that is no longer needed.  The days of getting reports on wars through newspapers are in the rear view mirror.  The beauty of the internet is that it alleviates clutter.  Don’t bother passing me a tissue, because there will not be any tears streaming down my face.  Older generations will definitely have a different perspective on this.  My parents, and grandparents read newspapers on a daily basis, many times cover to cover.  The crossword puzzle in the sunday new york times has become a ritual for millions.  There is always a sense of nostalgia when transforming an existing concept.  What does upset me about getting rid of the newspaper is the personal touch factor.  Being personally delivered a newspaper every morning has a level of comfort that is hard to describe.  Going on does not have the same feel as drinking a mug of coffee, and reading the paper in the morning.  Times change, and rituals have to transcend with it.  



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