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Kobe vs. LeBron Debate

March 12, 2009

King James or Kobe?

King James or Kobe?

Any time you watch ESPN or listen to any sports talk radio station the one common debate people have is “Who is the best player in the NBA?” Is it LeBron James or is it Kobe Bryant? In my opinion, Jeff Van Gundy said it best. He stated that for the first 46 minutes of any game he would rather have LeBron James but for the final 2 minutes have Kobe Bryant. Fair point. However, a combination of the two is not an option in this debate.

In my opinion, LeBron James is no doubt the best player in the NBA. Is Kobe a better scorer ? Yes. Besides that, there is no proof as to why one would pick Kobe Bryant over LeBron James at this point in time. Kobe Bryant has won numerous championships and you cannot take that away from him, however, he also had the most physically dominant big man of this generation as his side kick. Kobe was the Robin to Shaq’s Batman. Shaq was the original Superman way before Dwight Howard was.

The first thing fans look at in the NBA is points per game. Kobe Bryant will always be in the top 3 of that list. This season, believe it or not but LeBron James is scoring more per game than Kobe. Not only that, but his points are being scored at a more efficient rate than Kobe. LeBron has a higher field goal percentage, more assists, more rebounds, more blocked shots and more steals than Kobe. For those who don’t like debating strictly off of stats then lets just get down to the facts.

Compared to Kobe, LeBron James has taken inferior teams further in the playoffs. LeBron has beaten teams that have spanked Kobe in the past. LeBron hits the boards as well as any small forward in the league and makes passes that noone in this league has made since maybe Magic Johnson. LeBron James this season has surpassed Kobe Bryant as the best defender in the league. LeBron James has taken his team on his back and has won numerous Game 7’s. He is the best player on the team that is only good because he made them so. In the words of ESPN’s Bill Simmons, they are the “Cleveland Lebron’s”.  Finally, I will break down the two most important factors.

Team Chemistry.  LeBron’s teammates like him better. Have you watched the Cavs sideline during games? They all genuinely get along. They have fun on the bench, they are always communicating and everyone on that team looks up to LeBron like an older brother. Did anyone see him take control of the team last night against the Clippers and just give the whole team a 2 minute motivational speech to come back from about 18 down in 4th quarter on the road? He willed his team to win and his teammates love playing with him.

He Makes His Teammates Better.  Nobody can question who’s roster is better between the Cavs and Lakers. It is not even close. When I joke with friends, I say replace both  players with Al Harrington of the New York Knicks. Both teams would obviously be dramatically worse but can’t you still see the Lakers as a 5 or 6 seed ? Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Harrington as the big 4 ? What about Cleveland ? You place Al Harrington in that lineup and that team is lottery bound. Are we really serious that an aging Ben Wallace & Zydrunus Illgauskus can really carry the team ? Boobie Gibson and Delonte West? Anderson Varejao? Who are we kidding? The talent on that roster is below average and LeBron has turned them into one of the favorite to win an NBA Title.

LeBron James has the ability to not only become one of the best scorers ever, but one of the best players. In my opinion, that is the biggest difference. I will guarantee that he will become the second player ever since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double for an entire season before his career is over. Imagine LeBron in New York City playing in Mike D’Antoni’s offense? The possibilities are endless. That is a story for another day….

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  1. March 12, 2009 1:18 pm

    If you asked me last year, Kobe, but Lebron has surpassed him as an individual talent this year.

  2. 06twenty permalink
    March 14, 2009 12:48 am

    All I have to say is this: The Kobenator 3 Championships. Lebron 0. He is not the King until he wins atleast one, other than that, he is just an extremely athletic Karl Malone.

  3. notmikeyrolls permalink
    March 31, 2009 2:50 am

    All I have to say is check my post punks and Lebron is not as good as Kobe yet because he hasn’t performed over the long term check out ESPN to look at their stats Lebron will be better don’t you worry. Maybe he will create his dynasty in NY????~ The Realist.

  4. Ron permalink
    April 16, 2009 3:16 am

    whoever wrote thsi article is a fucking idiot. People always go to say that kobe has better team mates, well guess what lebron plays in the fuckign EAST!!!!……ARE U PEOPLE KIDDING ME THE FUCKIGN EAST…there are onbly maby 2 teams in the east that come out to play defense every nite. Look at the east compared to the west. A FUCKIGN 4TH seed would not even make the playoffs in the west. Obviously kobe needs better teammates. “The bigger the war the more ammo u need” which refers to kobe playing in the west. obviously he needs better teamates. If lebron played in the west his fucking cavs wouldnt even be in the playoffs

  5. Wiggins permalink
    April 16, 2009 10:28 pm

    Ok guys a few things:

    Lebron is the future of the NBA but Kobe is the here and now of the NBA. People forget that Kobe is a guard and not a power forward fast enough to play small forward(and LeBron’s style of play is more suited for the 3; he doesn’t like to post like a true 4).

    Lebron is 6’8 265lbs, Kobe is 6’6 205lbs, yet Kobe manages to bring in 5 assists and 5 rebounds a game while being the main scorer.

    Who else will make the assists for Cleveland besides LBJ? Pau Gasol is a center and avg 6 assists for the Lakers

    There are several roles a team has to fill…one is a scorer, another is a facilitator/passer and one more would be a Big being able to clean up the rebounds…Lebron does all 3 for his team.

    To summerize: Lebron has many team roles he has to fill and it shows in the stats. This makes him more valuable to his team for sure. Kobe is still the best overall player but he doesn’t need to do as much for his team to be successful.

    P.S. If Kobe’s terrible teammates make half the wide open shots they had whilst Kobe was double/triple teamed during the 04′-06′ seasons then he’d have 8-10 assists per game too and probably gone further in the playoffs.

  6. May 10, 2009 3:08 am

    stop riding kobe d**k!!!!lebron is the best

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