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For all you gamblers out there

March 19, 2009

March Madness is gamblers favorite time of year, and to help you all out who bet on the March Madness here is my prediction with the spreads for the games coming up.

Mississippi State +6.5 vs. Washington-   I like Miss State here after their run through the SEC tournament.  I think Washington wins, but in a close one

Texas -5 vs Minnesota-  As much as I would like to respect the big 10 conference, I can’t find it in me.  Texas wins by 8

Clemson -5 vs Michigan-  Clemson has too much athleticism for Michigan, and Michigan won’t hit the 3 consistently enough.  Clemson wins by 7

Villanova -15.5 vs American-  Villanova will romp them on their own stomping grounds.  Nova by 18

Akron +14 vs Gonzaga-  I think Akron will keep it around single digits, Gonzaga wins by 9 or 10

Duke -22 vs Binghamton-  Duke always routs first round opponents, and this year will be no different, Duke wins by 24

Oklahoma -16 vs Morgan State-  Griffin leads the way with 30 as the Sooners win by 21

VCU +8.5 vs UCLA-  I actually like VCU winning this game outright, UCLA is not the final 4 team of last year

Western Kentucky +5 vs Illinois- The loss of Frazer will hurt the Illini, but they will squeak out a 2 point victory

I could be way off here, it is March Madness!  Good luck with your brackets, and making $, I will be back with tomorrow’s predictions with the spreads.


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