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Best sports theme songs of all time

March 20, 2009

When March Madness rolls around every year, the CBS music for college basketball has a stickiness factor.  Whether you are a kid, college student, or adult, throughout the month of march you hear a lot of humming.  Since it is that time of year, I have decided to post sports theme songs that we have all learned to hate or love over the last twenty years. I am ranking them from best to worst based on my opinion.  I’d like to thank my buddy Fickler for gathering these theme songs for me.

1) NBA on NBC-  Say what you want, #1 all time by far:

2) College basketball on CBS- MARCH MADNESS BABY!-

3)NHL on ESPN- one of the classics, this is when the NHL still had fans:

4)NFL Primetime-  If this doesn’t pump you up to go throw the pigskin around, what will?

5)One Shining Moment-  All those college athletes dreams of winning the Big Dance…

6) MLB on FOX-

7) NFL on FOX-

8)NFL on CBS- personally my least favorite of the bunch:

Feel free to add any that aren’t on this list.

Sorry, for some reason some of these won’t link directly, you will have to copy and paste.


College football on CBS-

College fo0tball on ESPN-

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  1. March 21, 2010 4:05 pm

    I agree 100% that the NBA on NBC is by far the best sports theme song, and I’m glad you had the NHL on Espn in the top 3. One you missed that I think is a memorable one, and perfect for the occasion, is the theme for the Masters. But overall, this list was top notch.

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