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Mangenious or Mangidiot, that is the question

March 25, 2009

Being a New York Giants fan, I didn’t really care about the Jets collapse during the latter half of last season.  Brett Favre got old in front of our eyes, and coach Eric Mangini was the guinea pig who was thrown in front of the bus.  Getting a second chance in Cleveland this season, Mangini has a lot of haters out there.  He will be under constant scrutiny until he leads the Browns to the playoffs.  Is he a big time coach?  We will find out very shortly, and he already has a crucial decision to make.  Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are both candidates for the starting quarterback position in 2009.  Mangini has already announced that there will be a competition for the spot, and for now, he is Mangenius.  Competition brings out the best in players, and Mangini is hoping that either Anderson or Quinn will take their game to another level.

I completely blame Brett Favre for the Jets collapse last season.  Mangini was in a difficult spot, because it is hard to tell a future hall of fame quarterback that he has to change his ways.  Favre has always been known as a gunslinger, and once there was no juice left, his high risk throwing mentality eventually led to the Jets collapse and the firing of Mangini.  I am glad that the Browns picked Mangini as their coach, because I think he has the makings of a solid professional football coach.  Game management will either lead Mangini to another firing, or possibly to the pinnacle of the NFL, the super bowl.  Time will tell, but give this guy a chance because when all is said and done, I believe he will succeed.


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