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Down and Out

March 30, 2009

First of all, I would like to thank Geoff for entertaining us with a fine array of hot young celebrities over the past few days.  This was a perfect time for this, as I was in Las Vegas since Thursday.  That, along with the final four being decided makes for a lot to discuss.  One of the few highlights of my trip was meeting coach Bobby Knight.  For all of you that don’t know, coach Knight has the most wins (902) in men’s college basketball history. He put the Indiana Hoosiers on the map when leading them to three national championships.  I was at the sportsbook at the Wynn betting away, when I heard that Bobby Knight would be having a Q and A session after the conclusion of the games on thursday-sunday.  Billy Packer and Bobby Knight came to the sportsbook and talked basketball.  I got to shake “the general’s” hand, and it was truely an honor.  Besides being an Indiana alum, I have a deepfound respect for sports and their makeup.  Coaches have a lot to do with the legacy of sports, and Bobby Knight is one of the main reasons why I am such an avid college basketball follower to this day.  Unfortunately, reality hit at some point with the gambling.  The weekend started off great as I bet hard on Villanova to beat Duke.  Duke has been overrated for the past five years, and nothing changed in the sweet 16.  Betting on Louisville against Arizona was another wise decision.  My bracket was also in great shape heading into the elite 8.  I had 7 of the 8 teams left, but then disaster struck.  I am an all or nothing kind of guy, so I decided to hit or miss with my bets and brackets.  I bet on Syracuse to beat Oklahoma, Pittsburgh to take down Villanova, Louisville to roll over Michigan State, and it all went to shit.  My fantasy of Pittsburgh winning the national championship, and taking down $8400 was fun while it lasted.  Levance Fields made it interesting with .5 seconds to go, as he heaved up a desperation shot that was six inches too high from banking off the backboard to go in.  If that ball had somehow found that net, I was going to probably win at least $10,000 on the weekend.  Credit to the Wildcats, and coach Jay Wright, as they played their hearts out and squeaked out a memorable victory.  Scottie Reynolds has been an unstoppable force at the point throughout the entire tournament.  I believe that Villanova will win the national championship.  North Carolina will be very tough, but Villanova has been the most consistent team throughout this entire tournament, and the joy ride will continue.  Although I am KOed from my bracket, it will still be enjoyable to watch the final four.  Tom Izzo is possibly the best coach in college basketball after Michigan State shalackled Louisville. Michigan State point guard, Kailin Lucas was the unsung hero in this game thanks to his ability to play nearly mistake free.  He was able to handle the Louisville relentless press, and as a whole, the Spartans only surrendered the ball 12 times.  Louisville forces opponents on average to cough up the ball 20 times, and it looked like Rick Pitino had his thoughts on the Arizona gig.

In other news, the economy has hit Las Vegas very hard.  This weeked was the first time I had been to Sin City in three years, and a lot has changed.  Besides the unfinished building projects, and the half empty pool at the Wynn during a saturday afternoon, what bothered me the most was the employees lack of passion in their jobs.  The casino host that took care of me was explaining to me that he was quitting his job in 2 weeks.   He claims that he brings in $100,000 in action over a weekend, and sees no cutback.  He has no motivation anymore to take care of casino guests.  This leads to a trickle down effect, as employees lack of motivation leads to not caring about their guests.  A perfect example of this took place with our host.  He got us a free room at the Wynn, which was great, but expected in Vegas.  That was about all he did for us the entire weekend.  We wanted to get into a club, and there was a 4 hour line.  He went MIA, and luckily my dad was in town, so his host got us in without a problem.  My buddy gave the casino a ton of action, as he put down at least $12,000 over a 10 hour stretch.  The rating system was having issues, and therefore we weren’t able to get our room bill comped.  The $500 bill didn’t bother me as much as the attitude of “VIP services”.  Very Important Person really translates to very impatient piece of shit.  I have never met more of an arrogant prick in my life.  Whether it was the fact that I was twenty two years old, or that I was wearing shorts and a tshirt, this guy showed me no respect whatsoever.  He took a cell phone call while I was talking to him, and he showed no sympathy regarding the rating problem.  I will not be going back to the Wynn for a very long time.


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