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The Love Affair with President Obama

March 30, 2009

The honeymoon stage is like getting anesthesia before surgery… Happiness, confidence, optimism, great feeling, no worries, and hope… Then it slowly diminishes… and BOOM, it is over. Then you are left with pain, recovery, fear, and frustration. The honeymoon period for President Barack Obama has now ended, and the harsh reality is that not EVERYONE loves him. Acceptable. When we are talking about our lives, our futures, and our children’s futures, the accomplishments on our President’s resume means nothing anymore. Every decision the President makes is a tough one that can affect the lives of everyone around the world. If it wasn’t a tough decision, “it wouldn’t end up on my desk” he says. The reality of the situation that we face is simple: No matter what decisions are made, there will be people that agree and people that disagree. In this imperfect world, all the President can hope to do is make the majority happy. As we look at his approval ratings below, the President has had a steady figure which shows that most Americans still have a confidence in him. A lot of controversy lately has stemmed from the AIG bonuses, and during his address to the nation on Tuesday night the President, for the first time I’ve ever seen, got rattled. Ed Henry, CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent (my future occupation) put the President on the spot, asking about his silence regarding the AIG bonuses for a few days after he knew what happened. The President has clearly stated his anger over their greed, but never once spoke about it until a few days after. The President, angry, responded that he likes to know what he’s talking about before he comments on an issue. Democrats thought that was a fantastic answer to silence Mr. Henry, but Republicans thought that the President, on the spot, was called out for his inconsistency. All in all, my take is that the President has done a great job dealing with a wide array of issues ranging from health care, education, and renewable energy in an attempt to sell his enormous budget. It is hard to enter the highest, most prestigious office globally and run the most powerful democratic nation in the world. His latest attempt to connect with the every-day American was through an online town-hall today, answering questions that the American public submitted online and the highest ranked questions were chosen. It is great that he is trying to connect with the people and talk about their issues. But, the American people have one thing on their mind besides talking about their issues – and that is getting the economy back and running. Stay tuned.

Bryan Bloom

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