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The Realist. Part 1

March 31, 2009
The Realist

The Realist

This blog is about me and what I think about on the regular. If you do not like it  I encourage you to challenge what I am saying and thinking. The Internet has many great sites and even more useless sites. Blogging also is subject to the same equation, so I aim to make this blog one of the former. I just want you to see whats going on through my eyes and please if you have time, comment, argue and refute everything I am saying. If you see anything in parenthesis “( )” that is my form of citation and will provide a link to what I am talking about in the subsequent line. So lets get this thing started. Life has been good to me so far and as a result my life is filled with an endless stream of dreams and looking for all things better. A great place to check out where to find the finer things in life, you know yachts, G6‘s 5 diamond resorts, etc check out LUXIST. It is a sick site with a million great ideas if you have an extra $50K burning a hole in your pocket. Unfortunately for most people their day is filled with monotonous tasks that often require no more brain power then that of a trained chimp. As a result I feel everyone, especially today, need to unwind and laugh just a little bit more. A great site for funny pictures, videos, articles  and is a must cruise for me if I am bored in class or at work is CollegeHumor. Their recent show on MTV in my opinion is one that left a little to be desired but the user generated content on their site makes it easy to see why MTV approached them in the first place and can really help you to kill time in the most boring of circumstances. My favorite section is the Roomate Confessions Section (here) written by Jeff Rosenberg, it is hilarious. All these stories are from users and describe ridiculous situations that they found themselves in due to unruly roommates. The most frequented sites on the Internet are of course the two most popular search engines GOOGLE and YAHOO!, according to ALEXA a website that is responsible for rating sites based on their traffic. (A link to the data in question is located HERE.) It is easy for me to see search engines at the forefront of the Internet based on the fact that anyone with a smart phone like a BLACKBERRY (I have a STORM myself which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend because I am on my THIRD one already!!!)or IPHONE uses one of these search engines to look up anything from movie times to the weather not to mention any user that says “GOOGLE THAT SHIT” or so on to look up facts. I find myself looking up of some of the most interesting things I can often conjure up off of these sites and use each one for different tasks. If I am searching for something outright I use GOOGLE.  If it is a picture or video I use YAHOO! because I have found over time that the sites although basically accomplishing the same thing, often do it differently. Anyways look at any website and  if it still is successful has changed today. The first modern search engine as we know it was LYCOS which leaves the image of a  Labrador Retriever rated number 7 of out the top ten smartest dog breeds based on information I found on(petmeds) , (petvr), and (petrix). So if you disagree with this great choice by LYCOS to use the 7th smartest dog as their ad powerhouse back in the day let me know. If you can’t remember “lycos fetch” then you obviously aren’t as technologically inclined as you may consider yourself to be.   Search engines are great if you need something to search on them. What is the most dangerous animal in the world? That is a very broad subject and in order to find the answer it would be more prudent to ask what animal is responsible for the most human fatalities in a year? Most people in my opinion would jump to say sharks or something of nature or even a hippopatomus. Unfortunately they would be wrong, considering the fact that almost every person the world over encounters this creature several times a day in some cases. Confused? So was I until I realized what it meant to be the most dangerous animal in the world and that is 2-3 million human fatalitiesa year. Mosquitos (Culiseta longiareolata)are found all over the world and as a result kill between 2-3 million people a year as per articles I found (here), (here) and if you read the subtext of this response (here) to a user on STRAIGHTDOPE with the same question as I posed earlier citing that hippos are only second to the mosquito in Africa. In case you didn’t know only female Mosquitos bite… Sorry ladies. Other questions similar in nature like what is the most dangerous snake in the world are not as cut and dry due to the fact that various sites and statistics cite toxicity of venom as the gauge to the level of danger of a particular creature. I would again move to restructure that question to what is the most lethal snake in the world based on the amount of people who die at the bequest of such a formitable beast? Sorry to all you Kobe fans but its not the  Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) or Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) or even the fierce King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) which is the largest venonous snake some ridiculous picture of which can be found (here), (here), (here). Anyways the most dangerous snake in the world that is the one that is responsible for the most deaths the world over is a snake by the name of the Saw Scaled Viper or its rarer and equally dangerous cousin the Carpet Viper (Echis coloratus) which is responsible for many deaths. These snakes may be small but they are extremely aggressive which is what makes them as dangerous as they are. The numbers I have found include numbers by a  blogger who argues that they are responsible for more deaths than any other snake in Asia alone with 800  on BIOLOGY-ONLINE (here) and in Nigeria are by far the most deadly according to scientist D. A. Warrell (here). A medical toxicology book on googlebooks (here) would argue that if Taipans had the same numbers as that of the Carpet Viper they would be as deadly but given they do not the Carpet Viper is still number 1. The fossilized remains of the worlds largest ever known snake were recently found in a large open coal mine and can be found (here). Enough about snakes and mosquitos but I hope you get the picture that in order to actively search for information on the internet one must sift through various sources to get the big picture.

The Realist

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  1. notmikeyrolls permalink
    March 31, 2009 2:43 am

    Someone argue with me. ~The Realist

  2. The Unrealist permalink
    May 7, 2009 4:16 am

    First off, you need to organize your shit better. I tried reading your “article” and was lost after about the third sentence.
    -End of Paragraph-

    I guess life must be treating you well if your dreaming about G6s and private yachts. The rest of the real world will just have to try to keep up with our 9-5 gigs until one day we die from malaria and become one of your mosquito stats.
    -End of Paragraph-

  3. May 20, 2009 10:02 pm

    Interesting article=) Will definitely come back again=D

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