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Our World is a mess

April 1, 2009

As the G-20 Summit meets, the global financial crises seems mundane compared to the possibility of North Korea launching a rocket within the next few days. Pyongyang claims it is launching a satellite, but U.S. officials say that nuclear tipped missiles require the same technology as satellites.  The G-20 already meets on hostile terms, as many countries have their own personal agendas that conflict with one another.  A need for a fiscal stimulus has put Japan and the U.S. at odds with many european countries, especially Germany.  On another level, if no steps are taken revolving around global financial regulation, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to walk out of the meeting.  Another major issue heading into G-20 is the world currency status.  China is angered by the fact that the U.S. dollar continues to be the world’s currency since it is China and not the U.S. that holds the largest dollar reserves.  

          All conflicts must be put aside for the time being, and our world has to be fixed.  In order for this to happen, the two top priorities should be, North Korea, and the global financial crisis.  The fact that North Korea is launching a rocket proves that it is time for the world powers to mediate the situation before it gets out of hand.  The global financial state is in crisis mode due to issues not getting resolved in a timely manner.  The G-20 might not exist for much longer, especially since the only meetings of any significance seem to take place between China and the U.S.   

When the headline of “The Drudge Report” is a picture of President Obama giving the Queen of England an ipod, you know our world is in chaos.  I am thinking about heading for Australia… 



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