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Right around the corner

April 1, 2009

Two weeks away from the dreaded April 15th tax day is about the only blip on the radar screen for sports fans.  The Final four is this weekend, and with Michigan State playing in front of their home fans, there should be a ton of thrills.  Baseball season is off to the races with the steroid scandals hopefully in the rear view mirror.  Regardless, the media has destroyed my interest in “America’s former pasttime” completely.  Steroids have been spoken about more than the actual game on the field, and for that I am deeply saddened.   The imagery of father and son going out to have an innocent game of catch will forever be lost in my mind.  The Yankees also won too many championships when I was a young boy, and the thrill of watching the pinstripes has been alleviated from my daily routine.  So what to do with all of this time on my hands… I am thinking about learning a new language, taking mixed martial arts classes, or possibly even traveling until NFL season rolls around.  The NBA and NHL playoffs aren’t too far off, and those are definitely worth watching.  Lebron James will win his first NBA championship this year, and the New York Rangers have as good of a shot as anybody to take down the Stanley Cup.  The NHL playoffs is arguably the most exciting playoff run throughout all of sports.  Stanley Cup beards, wearing the same underwear for six weeks straight, and the respect that the players have for the hockey tradition is what makes holding that cup in the air ever so coveted.  As the weather is warming up, so is that remote control that is begging to be grasped.  Pick your poison, Final Four, baseball, the NBA and NHL playoff races heating up, and we can’t forget about Tiger.  After winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational on a dramatic putt in, Tiger has all eyes on him once again.  I am actually expecting Tiger to take down all four majors this year.  

       Cancel all your plans for the next couple months because there is too much going on in the sports world not to take notice.  I hope you have saved your sick and/or vacation days for this time of year.  Time for me to go work on my tan, because beginning this weekend, I won’t be seeing much sun.



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