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Arizona goes with Floyd

April 2, 2009

The Arizona Wildcats have decided on a new head coach, Tim Floyd.  Floyd was the USC coach for the past four seasons, and had previously coached in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, and New Orleans Hornets.   There had been much speculation over who would be following in the legacy of Lute Olson.  Rick Pitino’s name floated around for awhile, but it is apparant that he is staying put in Louisville.  After John Calipari was signed by Kentucky yesterday, the Wildcats were slim on options, and Tim Floyd seemed to be the best man for the job.  Floyd has a reputation of being a solid recruiter, and Arizona is hoping that trend continues in Tucson.  Three out of his four years at USC, the Trojans made the NCAA tournament.   Floyd has coached college before, at Iowa State, New Orleans, and Idaho.  Filling Olson’s shoes will be a tough task, and getting Wildcat nation on Floyd’s bandwagon might be even tougher.  In the past 10 years, there are a couple of coaches that have followed a legend by advancing to a national championship (Indiana Coach Mike Davis) in his first year after Bob Knight left.  Kentucky won a national championship with Tubby Smith the year after Pitino skipped town.  So there is hope afterall, and college basketball is waiting for Arizona to get back to mid 90s status.  Where is the next Mike Bibby and Gilbert Arenas?


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