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Cutting him off

April 2, 2009

The Denver Broncos have to cut their losses and trade franchise quarterback, Jay Cutler.  As of this morning, it was apparent that ties have been severed to the point of no repair between Jay Cutler and Broncos head coach, Josh McDaniels.  Owner Pat Bowlen seems like he has had enough of backlashing back and forth.  What started with Matt Cassel trade talks over a month ago, has turned into chaos in Denver.  The question remains, where will Cutler be playing at the beginning of the 2009 season?

Denver-  As of now he is still the Denver Broncos franchise quarterback.  This will not be the case for long because too much damage has been done between Cutler and the front office.

Washington- Daniel Snyder has no problem opening up the piggy bank.  The issue that arises is that Denver has no interest in Jason Campbell.  In order for Cutler to be suiting up for the Skins in 09 is if another team wants Campbell.  

Carolina-  Jake Delhomme is on his last days in Carolina, and the Panthers are willing to give up Julius Peppers and a first round pick for Cutler.  However, Denver doesn’t like the thought of giving Peppers a lucrative deal.

Detroit-  The Lions have been looking for a franchise quarterback since Scott Mitchell left town.  The problem is that Denver has no interest in the top pick in the draft, and the Lions cannot afford to give up their second first round pick, and their second round pick.  Then again, coming off a winless season leads me to believe that desperation mode is in order.

New York Jets- The Jets seem to be a franchise quarterback away from a Super Bowl run.  Cutler’s name has been floating around the Meadowlands for awhile and it seems like a good fit.  

The Jets and Redskins seem to be at the head of the race for Cutler, but this is the NFL, and anything can happen.



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