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Facebook IM, the best marketing tool around

April 2, 2009

Over the past couple years, many people have began using facebook as a way to market their products.  Creating groups and fan pages have become the norm, and getting about ten facebook messages a day from random people is very common.  I have used facebook as an outlet for marketing, but I try to stay clear of the clutter.  Why waste time sending emails and mass messages out to group members when they are most likely going to delete them immediately?  When I go on facebook, it has become strictly for marketing purposes.  Gossip is something I try to avoid at all costs, and facebook is the root of all the gossip that goes on in the 18-24 year old demographic in today’s society.  Facebook IM has become my staple marketing tool over the past year and a half.  AIM has been replaced by facebook IM based on the fact that everybody is always on facebook.  I facebook IM people to relay information in a personable way.  The personal touch factor has to come into play regarding marketing to consumers.  Having a face behind a name instills trust, and leads to brand loyalty.  This is also a good way to retain customers, especially since it costs six times more to gain a new customer, than to retain an existing one.  Word of mouth marketing is what every entrepreneur, and marketing director in the world dreams about.  When your product reaches a level in which marketing is done through the consumer base.  Customer satisfaction is a great way to get word of mouth spreading in a positive light.  Go the extra mile and facebook IM, on top of emailing and calling customers, and show them that you genuinely care about more than the money.



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