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Giants release Plaxico

April 4, 2009

After months of speculation, Plaxico Burress has been released by the New York Giants.  The Super Bowl hero in Glendale only fourteen months ago, is now unemployed.  Shooting himself in the leg was the cherry on top that sent him on his way out of the Big Apple.  When the Giants signed Burress over four years ago to a lucrative contract, there was much scrutiny revolving around his past.  There were stories from his days in Pittsburgh as a bad teammate, and an attitude problem to go with it.  The Giants ignored all the talk, and decided that Burress was exactly what was needed for Eli Manning’s maturation into an elite quarterback.  

         Overall, I would rate Plaxico Burress a success story in New York.  Although ending on a very sour note, the Giants did win a Super Bowl thanks to his catch with 35 seconds left to defeat the 18-0 Patriots.  If you were to ask any Giants fan what they wanted from Burress, it was a Super Bowl ring.  He delivered in a big way, and even though his legacy will be tarnished from the self inflicted gun wound, Burress will remain a pillar in Super Bowl history.  

        As for the Giants, they did what they had to do, but now what?  Eli Manning needs a huge target in the corner of the end zone.  When a quarterback has a big time receiver, it allows the field to open up a lot more.  Possibilities heading forward for Big Blue:

Trading for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Anquan Boldin-  Boldin has voiced his anger toward the Cardinals organization.  There has yet to be a contract extension negotiated, and Boldin would be a perfect fit on the Giants offense

Trading for Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Braylon Edwards-  Although notorious for his butterfingers, two years ago, Edwards showed the world how much talent he had.  Big body receiver who has that deep threat ability that the Giants lack right now.  

Drafting up for Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin, or hope that Hakeem Nicks falls in their lap.


The draft should get interesting in a few weeks…



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