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T.O. has chance to change his reputation

April 9, 2009

I am fully expecting Terrell Owens to be a saint during his time in Buffalo.  He has already proven on the field that he will be a shoe in to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Although never winning a super bowl, Owens has 951 career receptions for 14,122 yards, and 139 touchdowns.  His on the field talent is obvious, but the blemish that remains as part of Owens reputation is his off the field demeanor.  Stints with the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys all ended on a sour note due to T.O. being labeled as a locker room “cancer”.  Hate on the guy all you want, but people tend to forget that he played in Super Bowl XXXIX with a broken leg.  Although Owens and the Eagles lost that game to the Patriots, he was the heart and soul of the team during that super bowl, and gave them a fighting chance to win.  

          Owens is a competitor and like every other dominant athlete in their respective sport, he wants the ball.  He has always been a playmaker, and before every snap he truly believes that he could score a touchdown.  Up to this point, he has had horrendous relationships with all of his quarterbacks. (Garcia, McNabb, and Romo)  Being in the latter stages of his career, I fully expect that T.O. will act as a mature veteran while on the Bills.  He is going to lead by example and hopefully aid the young Bills, and mold them into more balanced football players.  Supposedly, Owens has always had no problems making friends with the defensive players, and practice squad guys on his team.  Anybody that doesn’t interfere with his potential at being in the spotlight seems to be ok by him.  His selfish ways will end and hopefully this will equate to a Buffalo Bills playoff birth.  The last couple years of Terrell Owens career will mean a lot more than statistics.   He is off to a good start by attending voluntary workouts in Bills camp.



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