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John Madden walks off into the sunset as a legend

April 18, 2009

73 year old football legend, John Madden has decided to walk away from the game he loves and knows so well.  An NFL player, coach, and broadcaster, anything that Madden did seemed to turn to gold.  Al Davis hired Madden to be the coach of the Oakland Raiders in 1969.  At the time Madden was the youngest coach in the NFL at 32 years old.  He will always go down as one of the best coaches of all time.  He led the Raiders to a Super Bowl victory in 1977 against the Minnesota Vikings.  Who would have thought that Madden would be remembered for a lot more than coaching.  After retiring from coaching in 1978, Madden would begin to lay down the foundation for a new generation of sports broadcasters.  His knowledge of football has always been contagious, and his passion and comraderie with Pat Summerall, and Al Michaels  will forever be engraved in all of NFL nation.  Not to mention, Madden also has the most successful sports video game of all time.  When you think of the NFL, John Madden is one of the first names that come to mind.  People love imitating his voice, and he might be made fun of a lot, but we can all thank John Madden for helping turn the NFL into America’s pasttime.


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  1. April 23, 2009 5:50 am

    I’ll miss hearing his boisterous voice every Superbowl *little tear*

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