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April 22, 2009

Elephants are well known for their intelligence and caring for each other. Elephants cry and laugh and they are largest animals that live on land. Elephants live long, between 60-70 years. Elephant’s musk has more than 100,000 muscle units and elephant poops around 80 pounds a day. It is known that elephants take a great care over dead bones of their family members. However, it is the myth that they carry them to secret “elephant burial grounds”. Interesting elephant fact is that periodically male elephants go through musth or extremely aggressive sexual behavior. Musth in Persian means “intoxicated” and it is recorded that male elephant in musth has 60 times higher level of testosterone than in the normal elephant. Elephant male in the musth will kill and destroy everything in his path. Take a look at this shocking vicious video to learn more about this highly aggressive elephant behavior.


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