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Lebron/Kobe or Crosby/Ovechkin

May 6, 2009

Sport is arguably the most culturally diverse activity that exists in the world besides the military.  When dealing with top caliber athletes at the professional level, everything revolves around comparisons.  Team statistics, player breakdowns, and constant in your face media coverage leads to comparisons.  Fans and the media have a field day when comparing the best players in their respective sports.  The four athletes that stand out in being constantly compared are Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Sidney Crosby, and Alexander Ovechkin.  

        Kobe Bryant has been considered the best player in the NBA for most of the last decade.  He has won 3 NBA championships, and took down the MVP award in 2008.  At 30 years old, Kobe is looking to add a fourth ring to his resume.  Winning one without Shaq would be ideal, because it has yet to be determined if Kobe can win a championship without the big man.  Lebron James won his first MVP award yesterday.  Combine this with a first round sweep in the playoffs, and a blowout win in game 1 of round 2 against the Hawks tonight, and the Cavs are thinking big things.  In his sixth season in the NBA, an NBA championship is still missing from “King James” arsenal.  Lebron is nearly seven years younger than Kobe, and the torch has nearly been passed from Kobe to Lebron.  The winner of this year’s NBA championship will determine who the best player in the NBA is.  Assuming that the Lakers and Cavaliers collide in the finals that is.  

        Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin both scored hat tricks on monday night.  The Penguins and Capitals are facing off in the eastern conference semifinals.  Thus far, it has been all Capitals as they take a 2 games to 0 lead back to Mellon arena.  Crosby and Ovechkin are exact opposites.  The only trait they have in common is their ability to play hockey.  Sid the kid is from Canada and is known for his facilitating abilities.  He makes his teammates immensely better and is always around the puck.  Very conservative with celebrations after goals Crosby leads by example with his play.  Alexander Ovechkin is an instigating menace.  Every goal he scores is followed by a huge dance and jumping up and down as if he has just won the lottery.  He is extremely physical, and is by far the best goal scorer in the game today.  Crosby is more of a set up guy, and Ovechkin is a natural goal scorer.

      If you were given one player to start a franchise with, who would it be?

Kobe or Lebron?-  I have to go to with Lebron James here because he is only 24 years old.  Youth plays a major role here, and besides that it is too close to call. I would rather have Kobe take the last second buzzer beater, but regarding building a franchise around? Its all King James.

Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin?-  Canadian or Russian?  Facilitator or goal scorer? –  I would rather have Alexander Ovechkin on my team.  His uncanny ability to score at will makes opponents completely change their defensive schemes around him.  As good as Crosby is, he is nowhere near as explosive as Ovechkin.  The Capitals will beat the Penguins in this series, and even though both players scored hat tricks on monday night, it was the Capitals who had the edge, winning 4-3.  

Sports are all about the great rivalries!



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