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Make up your mind already

May 6, 2009

I was about to fall asleep about two hours ago, when I stumbled across a Brett Favre article on ESPN.  He will talk with the Minnesota Vikings this week about possibly playing for them in the upcoming season?  I thought Brett was hanging up the cleats and calling it a career?  What happened to the bum shoulder that led to the Jets collapse and the Mangini firing last season?  How about spending more quality time with the family, Brett? I have never witnessed more indecisiveness in my life.  I thought MJ was bad, but this is past a laughing point.  Is Brad Childress really entertaining the idea of bringing back #4?  The icing on the cake should have been when Favre’s biggest fan, John Madden retired a couple weeks ago.  There is a fine line between the love and the game and being stupid.  I understand that the Vikings play in a dome, and Favre wants the opportunity to play against the Packers.  However, it is 2009 and time cannot rewind for Favre’s arm and shoulder.  The latter half of last season proved that Brett is not superman anymore.  Do us all a favor and become a couch potato on sundays.



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