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Nothing better than an NHL playoffs game 7

May 14, 2009

Game 7s such as tonight’s Capitals vs Penguins game is what sports are all about.  There is nothing more exciting than watching two teams duel it out in an elimination game.  In football every playoff game is a win or go home mentality.  Hockey, baseball, and basketball do not have such luxuries.  Best of seven series leads to many games being less meaningful in contrast to if it wasn’t a series.  However, when teams go to the ever so coveted game 7, everything is on the line, and all eyes are on that game.  Whether it be basketball, baseball, or hockey, fans are entertained by the anticipation that builds as the clock winds down.  One team will be moving on, and the other will be playing golf.  Personally, I feel as though the NHL playoffs are the most exciting to watch, especially if there is a game 7.  Have you ever watched an overtime game 7 in NHL playoff hockey? By far one of the marvels to watch throughout all of sports.  Regardless of what culture one grows up in, they could appreciate the art of competition at the highest level.


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