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Billy’s gambling tips

May 23, 2009

How to make money consistently playing in Vegas and daily on your own:

Baseball- Its all about over/unders in baseball.  I read the Chicago Tribune, and every day they list who is pitching in each game.  If both pitchers in the matchup have ERA’s over four, the game qualifies to bet on.  The next element to look at is the last three starts that each pitcher has had.  All major newspapers have this information. If those ERA’s are above four as well, TAKE THE OVER.  Go heavier if the over/under is under 10 combined.  If over 10 on the over/under bet a little less.  YOU WILL WIN.  On the under side, if the ERA’s and the last three outings are below a three ERA and your over/under total is above eight, bet the under and you will win consistently.

Next up… how to beat Vegas on the crap table… stay tuned and make money

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