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Role Players don’t travel well

May 29, 2009

Cleveland fans can go to sleep for another couple nights before their team is sent golfing for the summer.  The Cavs beat the Magic in a hard fought 112-102 game 5.  Orlando now holds a 3-2 edge as the teams head back to Orlando for game 6 on Saturday night.  The King is alive, and he had a triple double to ensure elimination would wait.  The world knows what Lebron brings to the table every night.  I have never seen a player dominate three games in a row in a playoff series like Lebron has.  LBJ had 17 points in the fourth quarter and took his team on his back.  Mo Williams had a great game, posting up 24 points to back up his “guarantee” from a couple days ago.  37 points, 14 rebounds, and 12 assists might have to be duplicated in Orlando for the Cavs to have a shot.  Delonte West, Mo Williams, and Daniel Gibson have to be hitting shots in Orlando, and they have yet to prove that they are capable of doing so. Role players usually vanish during road games, because the home crowd is not there to energize them. The Magic are going to win game 6, even though Lebron will put up 40 points.  The Magic were down by 23 points in a must win game for the Cavs, in Cleveland.  Orlando managed to storm back and go up a point at halftime.  Long live King James until saturday night, when the Magic will take his crown, and the Cavs finals hopes along with it.


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  1. geoffrey7713 permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:55 pm

    Don’t count Lebron out yet. It really doesn’t matter who wins the east though because the will lose to the lakers. I still think Cavs win this series and we all see a Kobe vs. Lebron Finals. Lakers close it out tonight. They simply have too much talent

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