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Simple Snow Day

May 29, 2009

Simple Snow Day

Snow days are beautiful in so many ways. In my days I haven’t yet, out of many snow days, had the perfect snow day. I do have a vision of what it might be like, though.

Silence. That’s what I heard when I woke up. Utter silence. I glanced at the clock again. 8:00 am. Something was up. I leapt out of bed, and opened my door silently. I ran to the window. Then a smile spread across my face when I uttered the words. Snow day. I knew I didn’t have much time. I threw on some clothes, and turned on the faucet. I brushed my teeth quicker than usual. I washed my face and put hair up in a ponytail. I knew my mom would wake up soon, so I had to hurry.

My hands trembled as I dialed the number. As he picked up I almost fell. “Ben,” I said. “Is your school out today?”

“Yeah. Why?” My whole body was shaking.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my house today.”

My heart had felt like it had skipped a beat.


“Ok. See you soon.” After that my heart melted. I realized that every one was still asleep but they wouldn’t be for long. I threw on my snow stuff, left a note in the kitchen for mom, and waited outside for Ben.

“Let’s take a walk,” I couldn’t believe my lips. We hadn’t talked to each other before without the exact same tension as we had that day. He inquired about the little things, like my favorite ice cream flavor, my favorite color, and what things I was interested in. I couldn’t take my eyes off his, until when we rounded the corner and spotted something moving. He looked to see where my eyes were wandering.

“Duck!” He yelled quite suddenly.

So I did. A snowball whistled past me nearly hitting me. Apparently, Holden and Jay had planned a sneak attack, and were going to try pound us into the ground with snowballs. Quickly, we made a fort out of a pile of snow and made as many snow balls as possible.

“Pass me the snowballs!” he said. I hesitated. He saw my hesitation. “ I have the best throwing record at my school, and I’ve never gotten hit. Trust me they’ll be soaked by the time were done with them!”

That speech had me convinced. I handed him all the snowballs. So I started making more and he hurled them at Jay and Holden. We heard yelling from the other side. I peeked over the fort and saw them standing inside a huge pile of snowballs. I giggled and continued my job of making snowballs. Suddenly, Ben started laughing. I looked over the fort again. They looked like snowmen, covered in snow. It was hard to see against the snow, but they were holding up a white flag.

“I think they’ve given up.” he said chuckling at his own joke. I laughed too. It was funny to see them all covered in snow like snowmen. He was right. He was never hit and had the best aim I had ever seen. I felt bad for them though they looked freezing and wet. I went to go see if they were ok. They were laughing.

“Your friend has quite the aim.” Said Holden. He was grinning, but his teeth were chattering.

“I didn’t even have a chance to throw a snowball after he started whipping them at us. He wouldn’t stop. It was a pattern and he never missed a beat.” Jay commented he didn’t seem as cold as Holden.

“By the way, who is he?” Holden asked. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure I wanted them to know.

“Hi! I am Ben.” Ben said it before I had a chance to stop him. If I wanted to keep his identity a secret it was too late now.

“Hey Ben. What school do you go to?” Jay asked. We started to walk back to my house with Jay and Holden.

“I go to Northwood in highland park.” He said. He was full of confidence like I usually am with my friends. But I never had much confidence in myself when Ben was around. Although he showed all the signs of interest, I knew he would have someone wanting him at his school if he was tired of me. I would not.

“So how do you two know each other?” Holden inquired.

“We met at camp two years ago and have been friends ever since.” He lied. He was lying for me? Why would he lie for me? We had not met once since camp, in fact when I called him today he sounded shocked that I had called. So why would he lie and protect my dignity?

“That’s cool. Hey you kind of look familiar. Did you go full eight weeks or four?” Asked Holden. I had forgotten he went first session. Ben in fact had been there all eight weeks.

“No.” he was lying straight through his teeth for me.

“Oh.” Holden said. He went silent. We neared my house. I opened the garage door. I walked into my garage, they followed close behind. I opened the door that leads into my house. There was a loud beep Holden, Jay, and Ben started to panic. I just punched in code and alarm turned off. The guys stopped panicking. I rolled my eyes at them. I walked into the kitchen and froze. My mom stood in the kitchen. Holden and Jay filed in the room. Then Ben slowly glanced around the room as he walked in. my mom’s expression did not change. She noticed Holden and jay’s wet clothes.

“Snowball fight.” I said. She nodded.

“Ok. Holden? Jay? Would you guys mind taking off your snow clothes? I want to get them dry before you guys decide to leave.” She said. “Who’s your new friend?” she already knew who he was, but she was being polite. I was grateful for her favor to me.

“My name is Ben. Chloe and I went to camp together for the past two summers.” He said. He seemed proud of the fact that he knew who I was for two summers. He didn’t know me that well, but he still knew me.

“Oh that’s right. I think she might have mentioned you a couple of times.” She said. That was understating it a bit. I had notebook full of doodles for him and me. And I am sure I mentioned his name like six times everyday. Holden and jay were back by then. “Hey boys want some hot chocolate?” they wanted hot chocolate. She said she would finish cleaning the dishes and make us some hot chocolate. So I gave Ben a tour of my house. I told Holden and Jay to play foosball or something. I showed him my room, which was cleaner than usual. I showed him the playroom, the pool house, the office, the dining room, the fish tank, my parents, and finally the basement. Holden and Jay were on what seemed to be their 7th game of foosball.

Jay looked up. “Finally!” he was exasperated. “You guys took forever.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “I was giving Ben the tour.” Ben nudged me but he didn’t need to. “He hasn’t been to my house in a while.” I added quickly. He wanted me to go along with his charade.

“Well now what?” Holden inquired.

“We do something that’s what.” Jay said. It seemed like an obvious answer to him. Holden and I usually would like talk about private stuff. Holden sensed something with Ben and I, and did not want to go into a private conversation with this particular guest around.

“Like what?” Holden asked.

Jay thought it over. “ Hmm…like a game of truth or dare.” He decided finally. I saw Ben and Holden wince. Well, this was going to get awkward. My class was just getting into “girls like guys, and guys like girls” stage nothing to big ever happen in an innocent game of truth or dare. But still….

Ben hesitated. “Ok. You can choose the first person to go.” I knew this was going to be hard.

Jay thought about it. “Ben you first.” Now I was freaking out.

Ben contemplated his choices. “Truth.”  A safer choice than “dare” but now that he had chose the smart choice I was curious about what the question would be about.

Jay groaned loudly. The kids in my class like dare better than truth. Holden didn’t mind as much. Then Jay started to contemplate what question he was going to ask. He seemed to not to know what to ask. Then suddenly his eyes lit up.

“Have you ever kissed someone before?” Jay asked. This would be interesting. I did not know the answer to this question. As Ben opened his mouth to answer

After we finished our hot chocolate, we decided to continue our walk. I started asking him questions that time. Once we got the end of my street we stopped walking. We started gazing out onto the open road.

“Um?” still gazing at the road.

“Yes?” I reply.

“Do you believe in miracles?”


“What kind of miracles do you believe in?”

“Well, I believe in really sick becoming healthy again, miracles that happen when there is a rainbow, and love at first sight.”

“Do you believe that you meeting me was a miracle?” He was looking right at with his beautiful, at that point glazed looking eyes. He was leaning closer to me. I knew what he wanted me to say. I knew what I wanted to say.

I Leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Yes.”

There we were with our lips barely touching but at that point it felt like more than enough. When we finally finished, we walked back silently, holding hands. We both then held something between us that felt unbreakable, but also entirely delicate.

Chloe Mansfield

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