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Offices have to go

June 2, 2009

I am one of the lucky ones, but most of my friends are stuck in cubicles for 50-60 hours a week.  I don’t understand how somebody can physically sit at a desk all day, and mentally deal with the same old routine every single day.  I worked in an office for a total of three months and promised myself it would never happen again.  What is the point of people working in an office?  Almost everybody is absolutely miserable when they are at work.  Sitting at a desk all day is counterproductive because the entire time individuals are staring at the clock and/or contemplating going on a rampage.  The only excuse is accountability, and I guarantee that if employees were allowed to work from home, productivity would sky rocket.  There are two things about an office: 1) Communication between coworkers at an office is instanteous and suppose to create a camaraderie, and 2)  The constant “eye in the sky” persay is a performance assessment.  Until the Silent Generation (people born between 1925 and 1944) dies off, offices will most likely remain a key ingredient in the misery of millions of people.


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