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The Big Unit wins #300

June 5, 2009

Earlier today, Randy Johnson became the 24th pitcher in Major League Baseball history to win 300 games.  Standing at 6 foot 10, and having long hair throughout his days in Seattle, Johnson has always had the reputation as the most feared pitcher throughout the league.  He was reknown for pitching inside, and was never afraid to hit a batter.  That intimidation, a 98 MPH fast ball,  to go with it, solidified Randy Johnson as one of the best pitchers of all time.  He had three seasons with wins of 20, 21, and 24 respectively, and has a career ERA of 3.29.  Combine this with a 300-164 record, 4843 strikeouts, and Hall of Fame written all over it.  During a bleak time in “America’s Pasttime” it is good to see a player get to a milestone without the aid of drugs.  As far as we know, Randy Johnson has never taken steroids, and if he has he is the skinniest steroid user on the planet.  Cherish this one for awhile, because we might not see another 300 game winner until Roy Halladay pitches another ten years.


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