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frog=a GOD?

June 8, 2009

A frog that constantly changes colors is being worshipped as a GOD in India. Reji Kumar is one of India’s top zoologists, and he found the frog while outside watering plants.  He keeps it in a glass bottle, and is concerned that the frog will die soon due to malnutrition.  He claims that the frog won’t eat.  When Reji first spotted the frog it was completely white, and since then has changed to Yellow and Grey.  At night it becomes transparent so you can see its internal organs.  Meanwhile, hundreds of people have showed up to Reji’s house to pray to the frog. People think that it is a miracle that the frog changes so many colors.  It is not uncommon for animals to change colors to scare off predators, but in this instance, it seems very rare for a frog to change colors so frequently.


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