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Alright Mikey Here is my first post :) Downtown Events

June 22, 2009

I think the only one who knows me is Rolls, Long time friend and the best person to bounce new business Ideas off of, Id say I get about 50 ideas for new business’s each week that seem logical and like I could do a better job than the person currently providing a service. This is so true, so many business’s could make many improvements that their customers want yet, they think they know best. Well fact is, they had the chutzpah to get ‘er done. So I began thinking .. well what could I do now, while a senior in college that could turn in to a real business maybe when I graduate. Many people have this same idea every day, its to throw events. People might say, well there are already enough event company s .. or how are you going to be different. I think based upon the model of asking for help, My new events business Downtown Events, will create events the people want. The Idea is alternative events in alternative spaces. Ways outside of the normal mode. Why go pay 20 bucks to stand in line to seem cool, when I can deliver a more fun dance party with all variations of musical styles and added creative art. The Idea is to keep things in house, where we provide everything and hook up friends and provide outlets for up and coming bands. Not everyone can get singed by the big labels and there is a lot of talent out there. So If you are in the Chicago area, keep a look out.. Also if anyone has any ideas what would be cool … let me know .. think outside the box.  It needs to engage the event-goers. Is it possible to take away some of the business from trendy places, and bring them to my untrendy events, which will be more fun. How do you convince someone they are wasting time waiting in line.. and 15 dollar drinks are unacceptable.

Thanks, its my first post.. and well I just wanted to get some input


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