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writers block

June 22, 2009

What does writers block even mean?  Ideas are always being generated, and humans are always thinking about something.  When a buddy of mine tells me that they can’t put the words on paper, I tell them to just write what is on their mind.  Whatever thought pops up, write it down.  Eventually, the “writer’s block” will be alleviated from the frustration, and that individual can go about their daily lives with a clear head.  I enjoy writing, but only when it is on my own time.  Who likes to write when they are forced upon it?  Our education system discourages many people from becoming good writers because teachers often have students write about mundane topics.  From an early age, it is vital for kids imaginations to be enhanced.  When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers told my class that we had to write a paper on how much we hated doing homework.  Chatter immediately began to fill the room, and nobody had any issues completing the assignment.  So the next time you have writers block, go back to being a little kid for a few minutes.


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