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Cant sleep:)

June 23, 2009

I was in bed and I kept thinking, What if everyone decided to take out all their money from the banks Friday after work, and did not show up for work on Monday. The concept seems ridiculous, but the power structure would totally be flipped on its head. If you don’t buy into our current system collectively the system/matrix/world ceases to exist. It is a very hard concept to imagine, but it just takes one second and we could as a human race wake up!!!! We need to wake up, I’m not worried about commodities like oil, gold, diamonds… They can all be replaced .. the fact that the world has no clean water left.. not worried about that either. What we need to wake up to is why people want to go into business for themselves. No one wants a boss. Every step of the latter there is a Boss. And at every level there is a boss until you get to the top, because the over-arching boss in this country is the Federal Government. Obama has a lot on his plate, I don’t know how he sleeps, I know I can’t. I hope people can come to their senses one Friday and try it, other wise Part 2 of the financial crisis is going to hit.. and they can lie in the media all they want, the economy cannot be speculated with any accuracy. How could one speculate a mass withdrawal of all funds? My thoughts are fantasy but the fact that people are waking up and realizing how globally dependant the world is now. Countries cannot play the old games they used to.  My confidence in the worlds governments, especially ours is way down, my confidence in the people of the world is way up. I am not alone in feeling like I am but a mere cog in a machine. I will never be complacent with just settling, Our job is to be the engine that drives the world. We are the youth, we are going to take over. It might not be tomorrow, but we are the next generation to step in. My advice is stay True, remember where you came from, remember all the times you played outside for hours, we can still remember that.. before computers and cell phones were popular. We used to go exploring in our neighbors yard. Remember how curious we used to be ? Well the curiosity is still existing in all of us. The ability to make change and create is inherent in who we are.  Now I don’t know how others give up on the world and say that is how it is. I think  it is good to question things and to really evaluate what a U.S citizenship gets you these days. I will not talk bad about countries, its not worth it. I would like to become a citizen of the world though, I hope that we don’t go into WW4. No kids want to go to war and kill other kids, no one wants to kill the enemy. Most people wonder why they are our enemy anyways. We need to stop being pawns for the real capitalists. No one on this site really benefits from the capitalism we have. These days you are a real capitalist with like 10 billion dollars or more, the you can do what you want. In a sense you can buy off governments and change the laws so they benefit you. A man with 20 million, wants 25 million. Its time that we recognize our fellow homies and wish for them the best, because when one wishes for everyone else the same bread, we all benefit together. Now I don’t see it to be to hard to concentrate power and take over the world with the right group of dedicated individuals who want to bring their ideals to the ground level. Its 6 am, im so sleep deprived. I will keep posting top of the head stuff, thanks


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