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June 23, 2009

Maybe inspiration for what I wrote, maybe just one of the most meaningful songs ever written, meaning different things to different people, but A great song none the less

We need to live for today, and we will be set up to lead for tomorrow!! If anyone is to be the next generation out of the financial crisis It is going to be from all the kids we went to college with, I have 80,000 in loans… I am not alone… What happens when you get a bunch of educated people who expect everything? Those people get mad when they cant even get service sector job, The School bubble is about to hit which no one talks about. You cant keep education (conditioning) year after year with tuition way out stripping inflation. When the government backs loans, schools know people will pay the over inflated school costs. Now people are leaving college, and they will never be able to pay back loans and it is not their fault. When our parents went to school, you could work a summer job to pay tuition. Now schools are a value under 20k a year. Is education getting better ? I doubt it , there are way too many school. Way to many people getting trained in jobs that wont be careers because technology will render these jobs useless in 10 years. I am taking a History major, only because its a really old major and I have to finish, I am on school number 4. I am seeing kids being born in the 90’s in my class and it is scary. They are under the believe that you have to go to school for 4 years and law school to be successful. Well I can’t say I don’t have friends like that but.. There are some jobs that can only have so many people doing them. There are so many bad law schools and they keep letting students in, because education is a business. Public schools should be the best schools in the world, because the public should want thier kids to get the best education, not the best for the money.  Now whats even worse, there are no good law jobs for people coming out of the bad law schools, when firms are doing massive lay-offs. On that note, the lay offs aren’t really so bad, the companies believe Obama the Messiah. So they want to hold on to their employees as long as they can, because it is easier to try to ride out the depression, than to retrain in 4 months. But when people wake up and see that the jobs are not going to be there, and well the bottom line is, this time there is nothing to come back to. The systems of old will disappear and I believe there will be a more functioning capitalist system, where those cant write the rules in their favor. I am going to keep posting, hope you all enjoy sorry for my poor grammar skills, some call me a functional illiterate, others  Downtown Michael Brown

Shout out to Rolls, for inspiring me to start writing for the first time in my life outside of school

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